Sunday, August 7, 2011

Allison is in Costa Rica!

Hey everyone!!!
Today was an action packed day full of fun adventures!!! Including what felt like a four hour drive!!! we went snorkeling and on a little mini hike around the ocean. Then we went swimming in the ocean!!! That was a lot to handle!!! I got SOO much sand in my swimming suit and hair!! The worst thing is that I CANT EVEN SHOWER YET to get the sand out! I can't do that yet because we are waiting to go on an hour hike yet tonight. We have to split into two different groups. The other group is going right now! We had to split because not evnough people had shoes to hike in. Our glorious alternative is RUBBER BOOTS!!! Wha Hoo!! We stopped at a little restaurant today for lunch and we got to drink coke out of a real glass bottle!! The bummer was that we couldn't take the glasses home because they recycle them. Thats a good idea, but now our collection can't grow. At least we got to have fun blowing in the bottles and making tunes!!!!
Last night in our little cabin thing an ant like stung madeliene and we stayed up another extra hour just trying to get back to our normal states. What a proccess that was! I have the honerable glory to say that I KILLED IT!!! The ant that is. like 30 minutes after it happened. Well thats all for here. Almost halfway done with the trip!! Love you!! :D Allison P.

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Adventure Details

Duration 8 days
Destinations San Jose
Arenal Volcano
Caribbean Coast
Focus Ecology/Conservation