Monday, August 8, 2011

I cant beleive it is already day 5! I have had so much fun over the last five days. Today we went ziplining at first I was pretty scared but after the first long line I was having such a blast seeing the trees and the volcano I did not even notice the extreme height. We also got to tour around a small town for a while it was so interesting all the people and how they shop. Then we also got to go and see many animals through the asis project. The project takes in animals that are illegal to have but the animals are domesticated. I saw spider monkeys and other cool animals. I also have to talk about tommarrow because it was so much fun! For the first time ever I swam in the ocean! The waves seemed pretty big but everyone said they were medium. I body surfed and dove in and out of the waves. Yestarday we also went and saw a coral reef. It was a little hard to see because it was cloudy but I still got some great pictures! That night we went on a night hike it was so cool I saw many spiders including a tarantula and a very rare poison dart frog. Over all I had a great time!

-Madeleine M.

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Adventure Details

Duration 8 days
Destinations San Jose
Arenal Volcano
Caribbean Coast
Focus Ecology/Conservation