Sunday, August 7, 2011

Leslie's Day 4 Blog


This morning wasn't anything too different than the other days of the trip. We had to have our suitcases down at the bus at 7:30, and then we went to eat breakfast. We had watermelon, fried bananas, pancakes, and beans and rice. More beans and rice. Hurray!! :)

Then, we got on the bus and headed to the place where we would be snorkeling and hiking. I was in the group that would be hiking first. It was really cool to see everything; there were flowers, spiders, howler monkeys, sloths, leaf-cutter ants, hermit crabs, and so much more! I took lots of pictures!!!!

After we were done hiking, we went swimming in the Carribean Sea. It was really fun, but the salt water stung my throat and nose. Soon after, we went snorkeling! It was my first time snorkeling in an ocean/sea and the fish and coral were super pretty!! I wish I had an underwater camera so I could have taken pictures to share with everyone!

After a short bus ride, we went to a restaraunt for lunch. We had fish, beef, steak, mashed potatoes, fruit, and, of course, rice and beans. When we were done with lunch, we got on the bus and prepared for a 2 1/2 hour bus ride. It wasn't too bad - the plane ride here was about 3 times longer!

Now, we are waiting for the other group to come back from hiking. We ate dinner (chicken, salad, cucombers, french fries, and, once again, rice and beans) and now everyone is journaling or blogging. I'm very excited for the night hike and ziplineing!!!!

-Leslie K.

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Adventure Details

Duration 8 days
Destinations San Jose
Arenal Volcano
Caribbean Coast
Focus Ecology/Conservation