Monday, August 8, 2011


Heyyyyyyyy! Yesterday I got pummeled (good word right;)) with giant waves and the day before we visited my tribe (BriBri. Hehe:)) but who wants to hear about that! Just kidding:) But today we went ZIPLINING!!!!!! Craziness, right!? All 45 of us went and NOBODY chickened out! YAy!
I absolutely loved it and it was SOooooooo beautiful! By the way, I never knew that I could scream as long and as loud as I did!!!! Like I said... craziness! After ziplining we drove to the hotel which is spectacularly amazingly magnificent! It has a fabulously (is this a word?) magestic view of Arenal Volcano! ( don't worry, taking lots of pictures) we had a delicious lunch at the hotel which, surprisingly, didn't include rice and beans! We then drove to a reserve where the ASIS Project was taking place. There we saw sooo many cool and interesting animals! I even saw some sloths! Yes yes yes! *Mom And dad-my camera has some sand in the lense and the shutter won't open. I think it is something we can most likely probably fix at home we just didn't have the right tools here. I am sooo sorry! Love you!!! Mr. and Mrs. Traynor graciously and kindly let me use one of their cameras and put my memory card in there. The sand got in there when Jack was trying to pick up a giant crab (crazy) it pinched him and he flung his had back! I have grudgingly forgiven him! (sarcasm) on the optimistic side ( also known as the bright side) I got some really awesome pictures on the beach! Yay!* Well i've got to go back to swimming!

Love from Brie Jol

Mr. Traynor and I are wondering about something:
* What do fish who live in saltwater when they get thirsty??!*
please give me your best guess!!!!!

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  1. We are sitting watching SpongeBob and he is drinking coffee - - does that help?? HEHE Kim


Adventure Details

Duration 8 days
Destinations San Jose
Arenal Volcano
Caribbean Coast
Focus Ecology/Conservation