Saturday, August 6, 2011

bribri tribe adventure today

Today I was going to get up and go for an ocean side walk but it was raining and I wanted to sleep. So we ate breakfast where we are staying then loaded these little busses to head to where we loaded the dug out canoe, which I do have to say was a little creepy. On the way to the bribri tribe cummunity I was in a tiny canoe and it was rocking back and forth. Plus we were getting stuck in the rocks because the river was so shallow and the person in the front was using a long stick to push us out...oh by the way the canoes had motors on the back so we were just able to enjoy the senerey. In one part of the rive one side was Pannama and the other side was costa Rica. Then we finnally arrived at the bribri tribe comunity after an hour in the canoe and a little walk to the village. All the people there were so nice and welcoming. We were able to help make chocolate and shoot a bow made out of a tree stick and and arrow. It was really fun, but the best part was playing ball with the kids from the bribri tribe. On the way back it was bumpy but i fell a sleep and then stopped at a market and got costa rican money. Finally back at the cabin things, and were able to go along the beach and go in the ocean. It was so much fun. The food is great and can't wait to go snorkeling and hiking tomorrow, but is sad because we have to move all our luggage again.
Well I will inform you guys later...
With love...
Aubry B. Wisconsin

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  1. Hi Aubry,
    What an amazing adventure for everyone. Their culture, the environment and the people - lots to learn and see. Even though there is a language barrier it appears the kids aren't any different then you. Sounds like they are keeping you very busy and you will be exhausted after all of the excitement and activiities. Didn't even think of an underwater camera, that would have been cool. Looks like another fun filled day tomorrow. Enjoy the snorkeling.
    Thinking of you!
    Lots of Love your way:)
    Mom, Dad and family


Adventure Details

Duration 8 days
Destinations San Jose
Arenal Volcano
Caribbean Coast
Focus Ecology/Conservation